Multiple unlock motheds: Fingerprint, PIN, IC&RFID card, QR code, NFC, APP unlock, emergency key, Chinese ID card. Different variety of unlocking modes ensure security protection

Smart control: Leading OLED display screen and intelligent voice navigation assist users to correctly operate the device

Master/guest authorization: Admin-user can manage authorization, users permission and unlocking function. Master-user can manage device setting and access basic unlocking function. Guest-user can only access basic unlocking function. Also, able to set the lock use-time for guest-user.

Battery display: Display of real-time battery life on screen and APP to provide warning for user to replace batteries.

Double verification mode: Unlocking combinations of Fingerprint+PIN or Fingerprint+Card and more combinations to create stronger security assurance for user

Deactivation mode: If total incorrect inputs of fingerprint and PIN have reached 5 times within 5 minutes, system will be automatically deactivated for 3 minutes, preventing from intentional access. Meanwhile, send message to inform by APP and SMS.

IOT smart lock: Use the dedicated external gateway to interrelate the smart lock with mobile device. Provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over 4G network (also can choose 2G, WIFI, LORA, NB, etc)

Real-time Monitor: Use APP to monitor the lock in real time. Each unlock action will be informed by APP message which include the unlock person, time and method.

Alarm System: Trigger the alarm system and remote informed by APP message and SMS immediately, when the lock is under attack or unauthorized unlock.

Super Low power consumption:  Enable to support over 20,000+ unlock actions by only 4 AA batteries. Able to use at least 2 years by daily use.

Expanding application: The external gateway also can monitor and control more devices like the smart sockets, smart switches, smoke detectors and more appliances. 

1. Unlock method: fingerprint, QR code, APP, ID+, NFC+, M1 card, Password, Key.

2. Main material: zine alloy.

3. Data transmission between lock and gateway: 2.4 G - RFID encryption FSK.

4. Data transmission between gateway and cloud: 4G-LTE (factory configuration) or 2G or NB-IOT or WIFI or LORA(selectable)

5. External power supply of gateway: 110 ~ 240VAC/9DC/2A.

6. Gateway built-in battery: rechargeable lithium battery 1800mAH/3.7V, 10 hours working-time without external power supply.

7. Power consumption: 4 AA batteries, enable to support 20,000+ unlock actions (Lab test is between 25,000+ and 29,000+ unlock actions).

8. Stand-by time: more than 40 months.