Hesibond IOT Technology

Over 18 years in remote control, integrated circuits, and communication systems
Since 1999 | Cooperate with the biggest telecom operators in China | ISO 9001:2015

Hesibond Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. The company’s line of business specializes in the technology development, production and sales of communication systems, communication terminals, integrated circuits, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, electronic instrumentation, systems integrated software and products.


The company development strategy was focused on: Micro Control Unit (MCU), digital signal processor (DSP) to develop the embedded application software and system of intelligent chip, integrated circuit chip development, high frequency RF chip and wireless module development and developments based on CTI technology integrated software.


Our company respects talented and knowledgeable personnel, adhere to utilizing technological innovation as our productive force and have a group of highly qualified and technical professionals who dedicates on providing customer oriented services.


The company has established a good cooperative relationship with many experienced R & D institutions and distributors both locally and abroad, and is determined to capture a greater market share in the communication and electronic products market. We maintain a high-quality product and good customer services reputation which enabled us to achieve sustained and stable development. Also, it is certainly our target to continue do so in the future.